Life: A User's Manual

Publisher: Random House

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Complete, delimited and circumscribed in a board of ten x ten boxes and with chapters that proceed fluently, is Life A User’s Manual (La vie mode d’emploi) by Georges Perec. Many plots, many jigsaw puzzle tiles maybe but not completely assembled altogether just at the end of the last line. My small knowledge of the French language didn’t allow me to read it in its original version, much more full of traps and references than the Italian version, very rough. For me it is not a simple novel but “the” novel, that inspired me for my works of art. For example, choosing 99 lines and, after have cut them in their typographical entirety, set them up in columns in order to write a new text as mine even though I didn’t write a single word of it.

What book would you like to write?

-- aldo spinelli

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