Numerical Recipes in C

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Numerical Recipes in C by William H. Press It was long time ago that I stumbled upon this wonderful book. I was programming in C using as platforms Silicon Graphics workstations being involved in R&D activities requiring intensive floating point computations. I got a lot of fun studying this textbook where I have found an in-depth review of numerical computation techniques and ideas, giving me the opportunity to recall and to widen my previous exposure to the textbooks of Lanczos, Hamming, Hildebrand, Smirnov and some other russian mathematicians published by MIR. Furthermore, those methods and ideas were described very clearly, paying special attention to the many traps and errors that could ruin your day when performing floating point computations without proper attention, and this was made with a humorous style that really made me enjoy the reading. The implementation by means of C routines were well done and really useful. Shortly: an unforgettable book joining mathematics and programming: fuel for your mind.

-- Daniele Radogna

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