Solaris Internals: Core Kernel architecture


Publisher: Sun Microsystems Press

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A little later, I was interested in taking on computer performance analysis and tuning as a profession, but it had the reputation of being the hardest topic one could do. This is because performance is subjective: there are no black and white answers like many other areas of IT, and it leans much more heavily on ones expertise. I wasn't sure if I had what it took, but I was curious to find out. Another professional suggested I read Solaris Internals 1st Edition, adding "you should understand all of that". Excellent, a challenge! This was, perhaps, the most deeply technical book one could read about operating systems, and had a reputation of being both excellent and mind breaking. I decided to not only read it, but not turn a page until I understood everything on that page. It took me 13 months, and some pages took several reads (Solaris 2.6 turnstiles!) before I understood it and could move on. (The book would since fall open to those pages, having damaged the spine.) It gave me an amazing basis from which to understand performance, and became a constant companion as I worked in the field. On a QANTAS flight to Brisbane I left that copy on the plane by accident, and spent the week dearly missing it, and realizing how important it was.

-- Brendan Gregg

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